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domenica 19 maggio 2019

Joint Statement - Incentivare il consumo di frutta e verdura in Europa per cittadini più sani

In 2018 Freshfel Europe has led a Thematic Network as part of the EU Health Policy Platform, which is coordinated by the European Commission, DG SANTE. Freshfel Europe’s Thematic Network is entitled ‘Stimulating fresh fruit and vegetable consumption for healthier European consumers’.

The objective of the Thematic Network was to develop a Joint Statement consolidating best practices of communicating fruit and vegetable consumption needs and of how to encourage fruit and vegetable consumption in a changing lifestyle environment in Europe.

Freshfel Europe has developed the Joint Statement in collaboration with key health and agri-food related stakeholders throughout 2018. This Joint Statement is therefore a common position of these stakeholders and represents a joint call to action for continued and improved work on stimulating fresh fruit and vegetable consumption throughout Europe to prevent the onset of non-communicable diseases.
This Joint Statement comprises of a set of two papers. The first paper frames and contextualize the current situation of fresh fruit and vegetable consumption in Europe and the second paper provides recommendations for future action. 

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